The Doyletech team brings a wealth of experience in managing and exploiting intellectual property created from both the public and private sectors. Having been involved in evaluating and assessing various technological innovations, we are able to promote an entrepreneurial culture within a scientific environment that leads to successful outcomes. We also consider ourselves a leader in formulating intellectual property (IP) policies and practices and in developing technology transfer strategies.

Intellectual property is the most significant asset of any R&D organization. Whether the IP is in the form of copyright material such as software and databases, or proprietary know-how and patents, it needs to be managed rigorously to achieve maximum uptake and socio-economic benefits.

The following are just some of the tools and products we have developed to help organizations manage their IP portfolio more effectively:

  • Patent assessments;
  • IP policy guidelines;
  • Decision frameworks;
  • Invention assessment processes;
  • IP protection strategies;
  • Reference guides for managers;
  • FAQs for managers and employees;
  • Decision trees for managers;
  • Case studies;
  • Template agreements;
  • Intranet information sites;
  • Organization development and change workshops;
  • One-on-one mentorship to senior managers; and
  • Emerging IP best practices and tools.