Glenn McDougall, Doyletech Economic development officers (EDOs) at the municipal level are nearly all keenly interested in having their municipalities or cities share inthe technology revolution that is sweeping the world. They view it as a creator of jobs and wealth. EDOs should be aware that it takes much more than technology to

Dennis Senik, Doyletech Government spends more than one-quarter of GDP, much of it on programs to support policies aimed to improve the common good. This desired result comes down to supporting economic growth: the sum of our efforts to create value-added outcomes that better support our way of life. Eighty percent of economic gro

Jeffrey Doyle, Doyletech Marketing is becoming a hot topic, particularly in Canada as we wrestle with the so-called “Commercialization Agenda”. One of the most insightful articles of all time was by Ted Levitt entitled “Marketing Myopia” – June/July 1960 issue of Harvard Business Review. It made reference to the inabilit

Dennis Senik, Doyletech Canadian government and post-secondary research costs $14 billion, providing over 4% of world scientific research, but earning us less than 2% of global GDP. This gap stems from S&T policy’s failure to appreciate what technology is and how it drives 80% of GDP. Policy treats science as the capital and

Glenn McDougall, Doyletech Most companies make extensive use of technology in the delivery of their products and services, regardless of the technology intensity of those products and services. Many companies develop technology of their own because suitable technology is not available commercially. Such technology can have signifi