Barrhaven Smart Growth Strategy: Going from Now to Next

Doyletech Corporation recently completed a Smart Growth Strategy for the Barrhaven Business Improvement Association (BIA). It is a strategy in line with Barrhaven’s ambitions and provided specific short-term and long-term visions for Barrhaven. Furthermore, explicit goals and actions were developed to facilitate the realization of those visions.

To understand the basis for the recommended actions, we elaborated on the visions for Barrhaven. The starting point for these visions were focus groups and consultations — both for this study and our recent relevant work, supplemented by community research and situational analysis.

“Jurisidications are competing to attract individual talent, in addition to attracting companies. Increasingly, they are both sides of the same coin and both need to be actionized at the local and regional levels.”

The transition from now to next began with a deep understanding of Barrhaven’s current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The outcome was a realization of current vulnerabilities or gaps in the built, social, entrepreneurial, and investment infrastructures. Our analysis focused on these issues, including how things are changing, and what opportunities this may present for Barrhaven.

Barrhaven has made significant strides regarding infrastructure in recent years.