Rick Clayton’s Video Tutorial: Conducting Economic Impact Assessments

Coming Soon! Please check back here shortly as Rick Clayton will provide a video tutorial on conducting economic impact assessments. Rick has conducted many such assessments over the years and has advice and ‘best practices’ to offer, as well as some words of caution. Rick uses his Doyletech EconWin (an econometric computer model) to conduct many of his economic and social impact projects. The model integrates key exogenous inputs (such as the value of construction and operating labour and materials, and the value of any related downstream investment in other new facilities such as new supply or manufacturing capacity), and projects forward, using various endogenous economic multipliers, the value of eventual total outputs (such as number of jobs created, value of extra local spending, and new tax revenues generated). A key value of the model is its ability to calculate “indirect” and “induced” economic effects, taking into account the “downstream” multiplier effects from the original investment. The model results are very credible, because the model impact runs reflect local conditions and data, and not merely generic economic assumptions about a provincial or small-city economy. For more information, please contact Rick Clayton at (613) 226.8900 Extension 14.

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