Graphic & Branding Services including Joomla and WordPress (GB)


Doyletech’s Graphic and Branding Services (GB) provides marketing and design services with a specific focus on technology intensive companies andorganizations. Our clients also include technology accelerators and incubators, and educational institutions. Our services range from brand strategy to brand identity/logo, to the development of a wide range of brand materials.

We employ our extensive research capabilities to ensure that the marketing/branding objectives of the organization are achieved. Such research can include customer awareness/behaviour analysis, purchase and loyalty drivers, market segmentation, design testing, and message testing and validation.

In terms of developing specific brand materials, our experience is particularly strong in the following areas:

Website development and content: Adobe Dreamweaver as well as content management systems such as Joomla and WordPress.

Design and layout: Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator (particular specialty in developing economic impact posters, technology cluster materials, logo design, economic development materials).

Data-driven graphics and information dashboards: Microsoft Excel-driven dashboards and other systems.