Introducing The Technology Transfer Officer’s Toolkit (TTO)

Doyletech Corporation announces creation of The Technology Transfer Officer’s Toolkit. While the services making up the toolkit are not new to Doyletech, we have elected to package them as a suite  of service offerings to technology commercialization professionals in Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean. The suite of services consists of four (4) distinct components: (1) measuring economic impacts and outcomes, (2) developing relevant commercialization tools, (3) finding receptors for the technology, and (4) assistance with strategic and business planning (including funding submissions). A copy of The TTO Toolkit brochure is available here: The TTO Toolkit. A key focus of the service is on finding receptors for the technology. This begins with a review of the markets that could be addressed, and then proceeds to determine specific receptors within them. For more information on The TTO Toolkit, please contact Glenn McDougall at (613) 226.8900 Extension 13.

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