Introducing The Economic Developer’s Toolkit (EDO)

Doyletech Corporation announces creation of The Economic Developer’s Toolkit. We have packaged some of our most frequently demanded activities into a suite of service offerings for economic development professionals in Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean.

The suite of services consists of three (3) distinct components: (1) DT EconWin Рassessing the economic impact of community projects and initiatives., (2) DT IndustrialAnalysis Рdeveloping growth strategies for community sectors or sub-sectors, and (3) DT CommunityMetrics Рidentifying real estate demand and supply in your community. A copy of The EDO Toolkit brochure is available here: The EDO Toolkit.

DT EconWin is an economic development tool that can quickly and easily assess the impact of an investment in facilities or projects ranging from hospitals to manufacturing plants within a given region.

DT IndustrialAnalysis is an analytical and decision-making tool that will allow communities to better plan for investment attraction and sector development. The objective is to find how new investment, organizations, or orientations would result in new migrating growth paths for the community.

DT CommunityMetrics is a community-level real estate space planning and forecasting system. It can assess the current and future needs for commercial facilities in a given geographic area.

For more information on The EDO Toolkit, please contact Glenn McDougall at (613) 226.8900 Extension 13.

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