Introducing MarketMaker! – Market Viability Assessment

Innovation disrupts the highly ordered industrial supply chain that produces, operates, and supports solutions. Novel solutions can penetrate markets only as fast as established patterns of working and living can adapt and adopt.

MarketMaker is based on exhaustive research on the economics of the innovation process and on the ‘best practices’ from successful commercializations. It ensures that the commercialization process is driven by market considerations.

The service provides Canadian entrepreneurs and SMEs with an assessment of the market viability of their proposed innovative products, services, or processes. This work involves an analysis of the market and the industrial supply chain serving targeted applications in order to pinpoint critical market entry points.

The MarketMaker Process. Over four weeks, we work with innovators to transform their insights into a structured market analysis:

  • The Appropriate Value Proposition: Functionality, price, ease-of-use, ‘fit’ with existing practice.
  • Competing Solutions: To identify areas of maximum advantage.
  • The Landscape of Established Supply Chains: To select the most appropriate openings.

Interactions are highly-focused, one-hour weekly sessions with both Doyletech and the client completing a stepwise analysis off-line.

Benefits of MarketMaker. The following are the benefits of the service:

  • Market-focused commercialization.
  • Efficient engagement process with predictable outcomes.
  • Insights based on Dennis Senik’s leading-edge research “The Economics of Technology”.
  • Unbiased validation: neither ‘Technology Push’ nor ‘Technology Pull’.
  • Understand market structure, dynamics, and evolution.
  • Gain from the past, understand the present, prepare for the future.
  • Sound foundation for business plan development.
  • Alignment of the executive team.
  • Gain the confidence of investors (angels, venture capitalists, public funders, etc.).

A typical engagement is $8,700 + HST for a structured interaction over four weeks:

  • Package 1: To validate the commercial potential and determine its sweet spot, and to outline the needed value chain structure and value proposition.

An extended engagement requires an additional four weeks, for eight weeks in all and a total cost of $18,700 + HST:

  • Package 2: This includes the development of a full business plan, pro-forma financial statements, product migration and market development plan.

Typical clients of the MarketMaker service include entrepreneurs, SMEs, large firms involved in corporate venturing activities, public-sector R&D organizations.

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