Doyletech Assesses the Impacts and Outcomes at Carleton Research

For Carleton University, Doyletech recently completed a study examining illustrative impacts and outcomes from Carleton research projects and initiatives. The major objective of the work was to build a quantitative framework for assessing outcomes from Carleton research activities. It will be possible to start developing a conceptual model of “outcomes” from Carleton’s research across all faculties and departments. “Outcomes” are not the same as “impacts” or “activities”. All three are important. But they exist in the hierarchical tiering of so-called “Results-Based Management” that forms the basis for modern management frameworks.

Subsequently, it would be possible to develop other project(s) highlighting the University’s value to all stakeholders, including students, alumni, governments, and the private sector, by illuminating how Carleton’s outcomes go much farther than its activities or impacts, although the latter nevertheless still form an important part of the story.

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