Dennis Senik Authors Two New Papers for Public Policy Professionals

Dennis Senik, Doyletech’s Chief Technology Strategist (CTS), authors two new papers which are generating significant discussion among public policy makers in Canada. In light of today’s economic and political turmoil in many parts of the world, Technology and the Creation of Wealth argues that industrialized nations must re-invent their economies if they are to continue to enjoy the standard of living to which they have become accustomed. Technology-Driven Growth: The Rules of the Game is meant to assist public planners in understanding the dynamics that drive the adoption of technology. It argues that modern industries are still built overwhelmingly on technology: the business of adding value for customers. Software is a good example. Without a mathematical or theoretical foundation, it has created immense value since its origins in the black art of programming mainframes. For more information, please contact Dennis Senik.

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