Jeffrey Doyle: Importance of Economic Impact

Our experience is that assessing the economic impact of new or proposed projects is taking on even greater importance as both public and private sources of capital become increasing difficult to obtain.

Even the promise of alternative and green energy projects are being put to the test. Doyletech has assessed several existing and proposed biofuels plants across Canada in recent months; such projects need a comprehensive economic impact assessment if they are to receive public funding assistance. Our work has also assessed the potential economic impact of new bio-processing facilities in communities such as Sarnia, Ontario which has helped local officials to gain significant traction in their development activities.

Recent Doyletech Economic Impacts – In the News:

We have conducted recent reviews of government funding programs in the areas of alternative energy, technology commercialization, and generally, any program which can help new companies get off the ground. The results of the review are not encouraging; many such programs are out of (new) funds currently. Having your project assessed in economic impact terms, is critical in today’s environment.

2 thoughts on “Jeffrey Doyle: Importance of Economic Impact

  1. Joe Smithers

    Could not agree more. There is also the issue of economic “impacts” versus “economic “outcomes”. These are different metrics and each require their own assessment techniques.

  2. doylewpc-ca Post author

    Doyletech’s DT EconWin model employs the concept of “opportunity costs” where possible. This provides a far more meaningful picture of ‘net’ economic impacts, by taking into consideration the likely alternative use of the funds expended.

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