Team Member Profiles

Denzil Doyle, Founder

Denzil Doyle has been involved in research and development, sales and marketing, corporate management, angel and venture capital investing across Canada. He was the founding president of Digital Equipment Canada and during the eighteen years that he directed it, it evolved into a multi-faceted company with annual sales in excess of 160 million dollars. Following that career, he established Doyletech Corporation in 1982 for the purpose of assisting Canadian enterprises (both private and public) in the building of a stronger high technology indusry in Canada. In 1982, he also co-founded Instantel Inc., a supplier of electronic instrumentation. From 1995 to 2005, as Chairman of Capital Alliance Ventures Inc., an Ottawa-based venture capital firm, he led investments in technology companies in Ottawa and elsewhere in Ontario. He has served on the board of directors of Med-Eng Systems, Newbridge Networks, Mitel, Leigh Instruments, GEAC Computer, Cadabra Design Libraries, TalentMap, Rockcliffe Research, BTI Bubble Technologies, CAL Corporation, West End Systems, Mobile Data International, Instantel Incorporated, Gennum Corporation, International Datacasting Corporation, Vitana, among many others. In recognition of his pioneering efforts in the development of the Ottawa-Gatineau technology community, he received an Honorary Doctorate of Engineering from Carleton University at its 1981 spring convocation. In 2001, he was granted fellowship in the Engineering Institute of Canada. In 2002, he was awared the Lifetime Achievement Award for Innovation at the NRC Regional Innovation Awards. In 2005, he was invested as an Officer of the Order of Canada.

Glenn McDougall, Managing Partner

Glenn McDougall has been involved in the ownership and management of firms in Ottawa since 1980. He has been a member of several boards and advisory committees including a New Ventures Advisory Board in Cornwall, the Goulbourn Economic Development Commission, the Kingston Technology Council, TravelPod, Algonquin College, the Ottawa Presidents Club, and was a member of the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) Board of Directors. He has twenty years of consulting experience in business and economic development and in strategic technology development in both established and embryonic companies. He has strong project management skills; he can integrate all aspects of a project, ensure that the proper knowledge and resources are available when and where needed, and above all, ensure that the expected results are produced in a timely, cost-efficient manner. He has extensive international consulting experience including a series of change management workshops in India, several national technology and economic development projects in Trinidad and Tobago, and various other assignments in the United States and in emerging economies. As Doyletech Managing Partner, he has managed and delivered on projects in various industries including the ICT and technology industries, the economic development and commercialization sectors, and all levels of government. As a project consultant, he has focused on organizational restructuring, investment analysis, participant recruitment and selection, business process re-engineering, and a variety of workshop facilitation activities. He is a founding partner and president of Green Avenue Ventures Inc. (GAVI), an Ottawa-based firm that invests in early-stage technology companies and provides advice to those requiring management and board advisory assistance.

Jeffrey Doyle, Manager of Analytics

Jeffrey Doyle has a diversified consulting and research background. He has conducted primary and secondary research for economic development agencies, technology start-ups, multinationals, incubators and business parks, federal and provincial research laboratories, trade associations, land developers, homebuilders, commercial real state development companies, provincial and federal government departments and crown corporations, transportation firms, and hotel chains. These programs have included statistical analysis and forecasting, focus groups, structured in-person interviews using survey questionnaires, non-structured in-person interviews, intercept and exit interviews, web-based survey programs, gap analyses, mystery shopping, and Delphi surveys. He has a strong interest and background in all aspects of research as well as technology transfer and commercialization, economic impact assessment, and economic development. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Market Research and Economic Geography. Prior to joining Doyletech in 1999, he managed research services for several companies including The Business Consulting Group, the Canadian Research and Consulting Group, Brethour Research Associates, and Royal LePage Commercial Inc. Strategic Advisory Services. He is also a partner in Green Avenue Ventures Inc. (GAVI), an Ottawa-based firm that invests in early-stage technology companies.

Rick Clayton, Partner of Economic Impact & Policy Analysis, and Economic Development

Rick Clayton is a recognized Canadian expert in economic impact assessment, policy evaluation, and industrial/industry analysis. As Doyletech Partner in charge of the Economic Impact Assessment and International Economic Development Practice, he has conducted assignments across Canada, the United States, India, Asia, South America, and the Caribbean. Previously, he was a prinicpal consultant at IBM Canada and before that at PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting and prior to that the Nordicity Group. Before becoming a consultant, he developed science and industrial policy at the Ministry of State for Science and Technology (MOSST), Industry Canada, and the former Science Council of Canada. In 1989, at the late Science Council of Canada, he was the very first public servant to apply the “Porter Methodology” to the Canadian economy (for an analysis of the steel industry). This was the first time that the expression “industrial clustering” appeared in Canadian public policy research. Recently, he completed the first-ever economic impact assessment on all operating biofuels facilities across Canada, and developed a go-forward strategy for the Northern Ontario mining supply and services sector. He has a M.A. from the Carleton University School of International Affairs and a B.A. from the University of Manitoba. He is fully bilingual (written and spoken).

Dennis Senik, Chief Technology Strategist (CTS)

Dennis Senik leads and/or develops S&T evaluations, technology roadmaps, facilitation and survey programs, and R&D analysis. His recent work has included several national technology roadmaps for Canadian public sector groups such as the wireless roadmap for the Information and Communications Technology Council of Canada, and the printing industries roadmap for the Canadian Printing Industries Council, as well as the electric vehicle roadmap for Natural Resources Canada. He also completed a recent business case for the Canadian Space Agency which examined how the proposed billion-dollar investment by the federal government could translate into economic benefits. He has developed his own proprietary models and techniques for assessing how new technologies lead to new products and markets. These tools are helpful not only for technology roadmapping assignments but also for industrial analysis. Previously, while a director at the Centre for Technological Initiative (CITec) in Montreal, he led a major regional economic development initiative founded by the Chairman of BCE and the Principals of six Montreal-area universities. He led this industry-university-government initiative to plan and realize the largest-ever (at the time) strategic analysis of the Montreal science and technology base. He chaired the subsequent four-year effort to implement the findings and recommendations of the strategy. He is a Professional Engineer (Queen’s) and an MBA graduate (McGill). He is fully bilingual (written and spoken).

Neil Knudsen, Partner of Entrepreneurial Services and Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Neil Knudsen plays a key role in technology, management, and business evaluations. He has also been called apon to lead several industry validation activities given his strong workshop management skills. Such facilitation has occurred for recent roadmapping exercises for Boeing, Autoskill International, the Canadian Printing Sector Council, the Sustainable Housing Roadmapping Steering Committee, the Information and Communications Technology Council, the Canadian Space Agency, and the Electric Vehicle Roadmap. Neil Knudsen is a proven senior executive with twenty-five years experience in the technology sector. A business leader with exposure to annual revenues ranging from $2mil to $1bn, he melds a large company discipline with the flexibility needed to make small and medium sized enterprises succeed. As a consultant, he advises companies and government departments on product and market evolution, internal change management, and long term strategic planning. Previously, he was the President of Vistar Communications, a $20-million manufacturer and service provider of global satellite-based communication systems, and before that, he was the President of the Network Access Division of Spirent Communications, a $1 billion communications test equipment manufacturer.

Keith Belinko, Partner of Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property (IP) Management

Keith Belinko assumes major roles in Doyletech projects specializing in the area of technology transfer and intellectual property management. He brings a wealth of experience from both the public and private sector where he worked for many years as a senior manager in science and technology. He was personally involved in developing and exploiting various technological innovations; and in promoting an entrepreneurial culture within a scientific environment. He is a leading expert in formulating intellectual property policies and practices and in developing technology transfer strategies. After completing his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry in 1976, Keith Belinko joined the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources as a Research Scientist. As co-inventor and developer of an upgrading process for tar sands bitumen and heavy oils, he joined PetroCanada in 1981 to participate in the commercial demonstration of the technology. Having been involved in all the stages of taking a new technology to market, Keith returned to Natural Resources Canada in 1988 to assume the position of Director, Technology Marketing at CANMET. In 1995, he transferred to the National Research Council, where he headed the Business Relations Division and the Entrepreneurship Program. Since 2004, Dr. Belinko has provided professional consulting services on all matters related to science and technology, including strategic and business planning, impact analysis and intellectual property management and technology transfer. He holds several patents and has published over 50 scientific and technical papers. During his career, Dr. Belinko has launched a number of initiatives aimed at improving the transfer and commercial exploitation of technology and on measuring socio-economic impacts. Most notably, he formed and chaired the Interdepartmental Group on Intellectual Property Management, the R&D Impact Network, and the Federal Partners in Technology Transfer.


Matthew Ferguson, Senior Technical Systems Consultant

Matthew Ferguson provides a wide range of research and technical support to Doyletech projects. Such work has included detailed in-field research, the development of software-based data tools, decision-support systems, information dashboards, graphic user interfaces, and data models providing unique insight on a vast range of industries. He has repeatedly proven his ability to successfully deliver sound solutions to companies, economic development professionals, local business groups, and others. Starting with an abstract concept and working to understand baseline operations or current situations, he applies his business acumen and strategic and organizational insights to create and execute a comprehensive improvement plan. Past successes include developing custom analytical tools to provide insight, various in-country organizational consolidations, product development migration projects, organizational migration projects, and various operations performance improvement programs. He is also President of HOW Consultants Inc.